Véloroute de la vallée de la Marne

21 km
Croisière sur la Marne © Michel Joly
Véloroute vallée de la Marne © CRTCA
Cave de champagne De Castellane à Epernay © CRTCA
Hautvillers © CRTCA
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To reach the town of Epernay from the veloroute de la Marne, join the N2051 road via the footbridge provided, turning right, towards town, at the end of this footbridge. After just 50m, take the first right, onto Rue de la Tête à l’Ane. At the end of this short street, you arrive beside the Marne River. Turn left and follow the riverside track up to a bridge crossing the water. Turn right to pass over the Marne and you arrive in the centre of Epernay.
Useful addresses
Office de tourisme d'Epernay

Hautvillers Tourist Office
Place de la République
51160 Hautvillers
+33 3 26 57 06 35

Epernay - Pays de Champagne Tourist Office
7 avenue de Champagne
+33 3 26 53 33 00

By train

TER Champagne-Ardenne

Paris / Epernay: 8 direct trains per day (1hr 15mins)

By car

via the A4 motorway, 1hr 40 mins from Paris

Bicycle hire

Pétillantes Découvertes

6 rue Henri Martin
+33 6 77 62 75 48

Epernay - Pays de Champagne Tourist Office
7 avenue de Champagne
+33 3 26 53 33 00

Where to eat

Epernay :
many restaurants in town

Restaurant de L’Abbaye
Rue de l'Eglise
+33 3 26 59 44 79

La terrasse de Cumières - Les bords de Marne
139 rue du jard
+33 3 26 55 50 70

Auberge Saint Vincent
1 Rue St-Vincent
+33 3 26 57 01 98


B&Bs :

Champagne Laval-Louis
309 rue du bois des Jots
51480 CUMIERES     
+33 3 26 51 72 98

Au Coeur des Vignes
2 chemin des Crépons
+33 6 85 61 64 04

La Loge
La Loge Turbanne
51530 MOUSSY
+33 3 26 59 73 62

Aux Tourmarniotes
4 rue du Pont 51150
03 26 52 68 92

Comme à la maison
6 Rue Heurpé 51150
+33 3 51 61 31 50

Hôtels :

L’Auberge Champenoise
68 rue des Prieurés
51530 MOUSSY
+33 3 26 54 03 48

Hôtel Première Classe
Parc d'activités Val de Champagne Boulevard du Mal JOFFRE
+33 3 26 55 15 33

To visit

- Avenue de Champagne in Epernay. Cycling along the Véloroute de la Marne, don’t miss the main, famed Champagne-producing town of Epernay. Its majestic Avenue de Champagne is a listed French Site Remarquable du Goût, in recognition of the broad street’s exceptional wine history. This avenue is lined with the grand headquarters of many of the most renowned Champagne producers and traders, while underneath stretch some 110km of subterranean cellars.

  - Hautvillers : As the word ‘haut’ (‘high’ in English) indicates, the village of Hautvillers is perched above the Champagne vineyards, with forests rising above its houses and famed abbey. The latter is closely associated with the original creation of sparkling Champagne wine. The splendid vine-covered slopes extending far and wide below the village form part of the recently designated UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Champagne Hillsides, Houses and Cellars. 

  - Villa BISSINGER: Set in the heart of the Champagne region’s vineyards, the Villa Bissinger is now home to the Institut International des Vins de Champagne (or International Institute of Champagne Wines). This centre is dedicated to imparting greater knowledge about Champagne, organizing activities and courses to educate or even introduce participants to the region’s famed wines.

  - The Musée des Métiers du Champagne is a museum in the village of Ay (just east of Epernay) that pays homage to all the different trades and crafts involved in the creation of Champagne wine. It also emphasizes the Champagne region’s unique natural characteristics and the exceptional importance of the local wine-growing areas (or terroirs) around here. All told, this museum takes you on a voyage of discovery of the varied professions involved in making Champagne wine, from the vineyards to the wineries and cellars

- Bateau Champagne Vallée
After discovering vineyards on terra firma, board the Champagne Vallée paddle boat for a cruise through Champagne landscapes, with commentary provided.

Regionale produce

Bulle de gourmets in Reuil

Bulle de gourmets is a delicatessen in Reuil (by the Marne, west of Epernay) where you can discover a whole range of regional specialities. Champagne wine is of course on sale, but also many other sweet and savoury specialities.

La chocolaterie Thibaut in Pierry

A craft chocolatier, Xavier THIBAUT encourages visitors to share his passion when visiting his chocolate-making facilities in Pierry (at the southern end of Epernay), so chocolate-lovers, prepare to put your senses to serious use.

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